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To Viet Model, faster does not mean hastier

In April, 2017, Viet Model has set the first record of 2017 in the progress of handing the product over while crafting the chain of 3 strategic models for the open sale event for Gamuda Garden’s apartment buildings. In only more than 7 hours, the entire work force of Viet Model had concentrated on performing a great amount of work load ranging from delivering, repairing and installing the models and lighting system.

The progress of the Gamuda project meets the fast requirement of the investor, with the most precise and vivid details of the project’s design.

We are faster, but not hastier, in order to make sure that the product is the best work of creativity, enthusiasm and brand’s prestige.

Congratulation to Gamuda Garden’s successful open sale event – the models of apartment buildings by Viet Model.

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