Mr. Viet, Nguyen Duc
Founder - CEO

Addicted to this job since university, he is the one who inspired the team with his own passion to details, taste of color, his accuracy and responsibility on each masterpiece. With over 20 years of experience, he leads the company and the team to strive to high standard level to adequate with international range.

Mrs. Thao, Phung Bich

Co-founder - CFOO

Establishing the company with the CEO, she is the one who created the structure of systematic works to maintain stability and efficiency in each and every step of process. Dealing with clients in a friendly manner and turn clients into friends is her other strength. Her passion, dynamic and energy personality has been spread to the team and make the team stronger and more united.


Mr. Tuan, Nguyen Thanh

Joining the company since establishment, he found his passion to this job is tremendously growing and he invested all of them in his daily coaching and leading to the team. His smart technique on drawing development and material application made all process more efficient and more skillful.

MHV team - We preserve ingenious values to become "craftman" in the field of architectural model

Drawing Development
model maker
Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving
Combining & Constructing
Decoration & Finishing
Electric & Technology Study
Materials Preparation
Model Labeling
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Model Workshop
Cubify 3D Printer
Epilog Laser Cutting Machines
Proxxon Model Making Machines
Model Lighting and Struture
Model Material Special Selection
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