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Viet Model - Young, Modern and Identity

Family Day 2023 "Together" - an end-of-year event imbued with the essence of the Viet Model, is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the moments of bonding over the past year. "Together 2023" was perfected by our team in less than a month, with the desire to bring a completely fresh experience as an affirmation of a Viet Model - Young, Modern, and Identity.

From the vibrant color schemes adorned throughout the event space, our team aims to spread a youthful spirit and fearlessly renew ourselves to bring our esteemed guests much joy and excitement for a radiant 2024. The most special aspect of the stage named Together 2023 is that every individual and team shines together in their own unique way. This has created a Viet Model rich in identity and unique.

Let's look back on Family Day 2023 "Together" with the Viet Model through the video below!

From Viet Model

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