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When artisan become artist

On the stage of “Together 2023”, our talented artisans showcased remarkable performances, transforming into artists who brought joy to the entire Viet Model. We are proud to present to you 4 outstanding performances at the event:

  • Gentle in the traditional “Ao dai” with the performance "Hello Vietnam"

  • Dynamic and cheerful with "Lam gi ma phai hot"

  • Creative and humorous with "Co khong giu, mat dung tim"

  • Passionate and distinctive with "Tet dong day"

Each performance carries its own unique color, yet all contribute to a comprehensive picture conveying the message of "Accompany" throughout the year. Behind that radiant stage, there were countless hours spent choreographing and rehearsing together. We extend our love and gratitude to the entire Viet Model, thanking you for the collaborative creativity and for shining together!

From Viet Model Team

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