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MHV's News: Projection Mapping application on the Model

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Although Projection Mapping has been applied to architectural modeling products in many countries around the world, this is still a new application in Vietnam.

This application will bring vivid, extremely intuitive light shows. Projection Mapping makes a strong visual impression by its ability to integrate both image and sound simultaneously. The audiences will feel and experience "closest to reality", easy to follow and get information about the project.

Viet Model’s R&D Team has researched diligent way to implemented suit for the actual conditions of the project. Accordingly, the projection and lighting system show detailed accurate and according to the model size, the product display space and integrates many smart utilities, meeting the requirements about technical and aesthetic of the customer.

Let's see our latest product in the video above!


Project: Casa Del Rio – Trung Minh New Urban Area (Hoa Binh)

Scale: 1/1000

Project Developer: Think Tank Viet Nam Investment Management And Project Development Joint Stock Company

Production time: August, 2022


Track: Ensemble — gbry.svg [Audio Library Release]

Music provided by Audio Library Plus

Free Download / Stream:

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