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Newsletter No6-2022: More than 30 hours of assembling and delivering model to customer

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Through our June Newsletter video, we would like to present to our customers and partners the steps we took to construct and hand-deliver the Master plan model for Gia Lam District, Hanoi. For this colossal build, Viet Model had to mobilize 23 workers split into three teams, who had to work for three days straight. One of our team had to work around the clock to meet the deadline and deliver this enormous model on time for a vital conference ceremony for the People’s Committee of the Gia Lam District.

Viet Model procedure for installing and delivering our product is strict; each team requires at least three staff from the Department of Engineering, Electrical Systems, and Landscape. Our staff allows us to solve any problem that may arise during the model installation and delivery to our customers.

In the next issue, Viet Model would like to introduce our customers and partners to our outstanding large-scale projects and the use of new and most advanced technologies in architectural modeling. We hope to see you in the next monthly newsletter.

Viet Model Team


Music: Savfk - City

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