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Newsletter No6-2023: Peace to Listen

Weaving through the dark night, the train quietly passes through the mist to bring us into a new space, which is covered with layers of palm trees. Wandering in the colors of heaven and earth, time seems to slow down so that we can catch the train, also let our souls blend in with nature and listen to the stories of every detail in the video.

Following the movement of the train, sunlight shines on each neighborhood and scene. There, we seem to be joining in the bustling atmosphere of the parties and enamored by the artistic skating dances. We just sit back and whisper stories in the small garden, then wander together on the beach roads.

Slowly, the train returned to its end, but the creative journey continued to carry the mission of the pioneers. Accompanying this special ship, our guests hear interesting stories in a very personal way. Because, every scene that the train passes through, and every detail that we encounter contains the enthusiasm of Viet Model team.

Let's lift the dawn curtain with Viet Model to listen to the sounds of every detail in the model! We invite customers and partners to enjoy the June Newsletter video below!

From Viet Model Team!


Music: Instructions for Living a Life by Savfk

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