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Newsletter No7-2023: Installation Art In Architectural Model

What makes 1/87 scale models special? With Viet Model, it is the art of installation by our artisans.

Each model, after going through the necessary stages, will enter the final finishing stage. At this point, from the artist's perspective, each model will be observed, analyzed, and arranged with appropriate details to highlight the most realistic and natural aesthetics. Therefore, the "dynamic" factor is indispensable in the whole "static" model picture.

Moreover, choosing a reputable brand specializing in miniature human and animal models is an important step for model makers. And Viet Model has become a dealer of Preiser - a famous brand from Germany with a long-standing reputation in the production of miniature models and accessories.

Preiser models are often designed and manufactured with an emphasis on realism, helping to reproduce scenes and situations in everyday life naturally. It is the design richness of products with the ratio 1/87 from Preiser that has contributed to Viet Model artisans drawing many interesting stories in the architectural modeling world.

We invite customers and partners to see and feel the beauty of each perspective through Newsletter No. 7 below!

From Viet Model Team

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