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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

At first glance you will not be able to tell if this is a 3D image of fish and aquatic life or a real aquarium. To make such aquarium with hundreds of fish, Viet Model craftsman have gone through a quite complicated and time-consuming process with dozens of layers of water surface. And, at each surface layer, is a drawing of blocks and details to create a rich depth with 3D viewing angles. Those hundreds of Koi fishes are meticulously drawn in detail, layer by layer, creating a soft, lively feeling like a real aquarium.

In the pictures are the most recent products we combine 3D aquatic drawing technique on the water surface. This 3D drawing technology has been applied to Viet Model’s products since 3 years ago, and will be applied creatively on our future products. We are very excited to share the very real images of the products.

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