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Viet Model is pioneered in protecting employee's health and community

To create a working environment that is friendly to human health and the surrounding environment, Viet Model has proactively installed two of the most modern paint dust treatment technologies today.

One of the most applied technologies today is a water-based paint spray booth with a basic structure consisting of an overflow chute, a paint chamber water tank, and a paint exhaust fan. In particular, the overflow chute is an important part to create an even waterfall, helping to prevent paint dust most effectively. The paint chamber water tank is very durable and avoids weld gas leakage. The paint exhaust fan running stably will generate a lot of wind, helping the paint dust in the air to be sucked out quickly.

With over 20 years of experience in architectural model production, we realize that water film spray booths are not enough. To protect human health and improve the quality of model paint products, it is extremely necessary to install an additional suction-type paint dust treatment system. This system will assist in handling paint dust through a closed room, the remaining paint gas will be passed through an activated carbon filter to deodorize. Normally, when paint dust is retained, the paint smell in the exhaust is reduced by up to 70%, and subsequent disposal becomes easier.

The combined use of two paint dust treatment technologies at the same time results in a uniform system and an efficiency of up to 98%. When reducing paint dust in the air, filtering out the smell of paint in the paint room, the working environment will be ensured, the quality of model products will be improved, and at the same time, the health of paint technicians will be protected. In addition, the equipping of dust masks and labor protection equipment are indispensable factors. For Viet Model, human health and environmental protection are always the top priority.

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